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Create Professional eBay Listings

AlienFiles is a software product that enables you to create high quality eBay listings
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5 January 2013

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This is a hosted solution for creating listing for product sales on eBay.

AlienFiles (actual name of the product) is software that enables you to create high quality eBay listings. In eBay and other auction sites, the more attractive listings are able to hold the attention of buyers and make them keep bidding for the item. One of the very useful features this online product offers will let you create a listing that can include up to 50 pictures and not attract image fees from eBay. This is done by hosting the images elsewhere and not on eBay servers, and then pointing to the images from the descriptions. As we all are aware, pictures say a lot about a product than a full page of copy. The features available through your browser make it easy to create truly attractive listing for the product you intend to sell. This is for users who may not have any programming experience and are only interested in getting their products listed.

You can utilize the built-in editor to make attractive descriptions and you are able to manipulate text styles, font color, use standout banners and many options in presenting your case. You can add website links, images, tables, bullet points and more in the text description, the editor is very much like the word processors and email editors we use every day. Adding video from You Tube or your own collection is easily done. Integrating user feedback is available. This feedback mechanism is what makes these auction sites so effective. Adding maps based on the zip code feature is also available. While the content is created on this server, AlienWare will take care of uploading the content on to eBay. The user does not have to worry about it at all.

Publisher's description

AlienFiles is a software product that enables you to create high quality eBay listings.
You can sell more items and make more profit by creating stunning listings with AlienFiles. Professional looking listings help to show your items off, and keep the customer on your auction listings for longer. It's a known fact that well made listings create interest and sales.
Save Money & Make More Profit - Free Images
As you know images really help to sell your item, but this can become expensive.
AlienFiles will cut your image fees to zero with no more eBay image fees to pay again!
Furthermore you can add up to 30 images per listing - all completely free of charge.
AlienFiles software makes it easy, fast and enjoyable to create listings for eBay, and other online auction sites.
Without any technical knowledge of complex stuff like HTML you can create listings that look fantastic with the easy-to-use AlienFiles application.
Create Professional eBay Listings
Create Professional eBay Listings
Version 10.01
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